A real story


Everything began in 2012, I was at the second year at University, when one of my best friends fainted during the psychology lesson. The emergency service 118 arrived immediately and after various controls they found that she had a bad form of leukemia.

I think that it is impossible to describe and let you know what your feelings are in certain moments. And so after a few months she started chemotherapy, with a long period of hospitalization and the knowledge and the hope of finding donors.

My friend faced a difficult period, I feared that I would not be able to be near her and help her, but during the transplant, watching the bag with every little drop that went into her vein I could feel how lucky the persons feel that with that small gesture has saved a human life. And it was the most beautiful moment that I could divide with her, one of the most marvelous moments of life lived together.

From that sad moment a lot of time has passed and finally after many battles I can go back to relive those marvelous moments of thoughtlessness with her. This tale represents an important of my life and should teach us how important it is to be blood donors.

From that moment I felt the need to become a blood donor and every six months I go to the blood transfusion center. For this reason I invite everyone to give blood because it is a small gesture that changes your life and saves many others!

Valentina, Italy

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