The IFBDO President, Mr Gian Franco Massaro, has been to Copenhagen for the celebration of the 8th IFBDO Seminar, “Working together for voluntary non-remunerated blood donation”, that took place on October 2nd
Several representatives of many countries attended it and it was very successful. 
On Saturday 3rd, Mr President represented IFBDO for the meeting of the Danish General Assembly. President Massaro is extremely satisfied for the results of the two fruitful meeting days. 


Dear friends

On behalf of the Danish Blood Donor Association I am glad to send you the program for the 8th International IFBDO seminar, which will take place in Copenhagen on Friday the 2nd of October.

I hope you will distribute the program to whom you find relevant.

On Thursday October 1st, IFBDO will host continental meetings for invited participants for the Continental Committee and Executive Council.

Parallel to the meetings, The Danish Blood Donor Association invites interested delegates for a free tour of the National, Danish Blood Bank. Seats are limited.

Meetings and tour must be signed up for via the Conference Registration site.

Free seats for 40 participants

Because of gracious donations from Local Danish Blood donor Associations, we will be able to offer free participations for 40 delegates. To be accepted, your country should have a GDP/capita less than 22.500 US Dollars in 2014 according to IMF. They are granted on the principle of first pass the line, please apply as quickly as possible. There will be a maximum of 10 free seats/country.

You apply by sending an e-mail to, we will then confirm, if you fulfill the requirements. Afterwards, you will be able to sign up for the seminar at the normal link.

Please be aware that only the participation in the seminar is free, you will still have to cover transportation, hotels and dinner at your own costs.

Have a great summer.

On behalf of the IFBDO and the Danish Blood Donor Association,

Gianfranco Massaro, President of IFBDO

Jesper Villumsen, Secretary General DBDA​


Download Practical information

Download Poster information

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