Order for International merit of blood


The actual format of the order was established by the Reglamentation as of 2001, during the presidence of Martín Manceñido, it substitutes all previously existing awards.

Order for the International Merit of Blood is awarded:

  • to Blood Donors who accreditate outstanding merits in the international environment.
  • to personalities and public or private entities who made a special contribution to promote the regular, anonymous, voluntary, non-remunerated gift of blood internationally.

Proposals for award are sent to IFBDO President who studies them and submits them to the Executive Council. According to IFBDO Rules of Procedure in force, except under exceptional circumstances, no more than four proposals per country can be submitted per meeting of the Executive Council. If you want to submit a proposal, please email to datacenter@fiods.org and we will put you in contact with your local IFBDO representative.

List of Recipients


Aldo Spanò

Vincenzo De Angelis

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