Independent and Professional Medical Advice to the IFBDO/FIODS

The process of blood donation may have an impact on the health or well being of the blood donors. Therefore, guidance of the health and well being of blood donors is warranted. Consequently, there exists a Medical Counselors Group, MCG, under the auspice of the Executive Board of the IFBDO/FIODS.

The MCG gives independent and professional medical advice to the IFBDO/FIODS regarding the health and well being of blood donors in relation to the donation process. The MCG also updates and reviews current knowledge on the health and well being aspects of blood donors and advises on medical questions relating to the whole process of blood donation to ensure the safety of both blood donors and recipients of blood products.

The basic principle of the medical advices of the MCG is evidence based medicine. The IFBDO/FIODS Executive Council may present questions regarding blood donation for the Medical Counsellors. The MCG may at their own initiative give medical advice or present relevant problems or subjects for the IFBDO/FIODS.

The MCG meets at least once a year.

Actual Medical Counsellors Group

Chairman – Karin Magnussen

Secretary – Wim L.A.M. de Kort

Dino Spaliviero

Maria Lidia Recalde

María Luisa Herrera Rivera

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