October 24th– 28th, 2015

On the 24th, the President of the Algerian Blood Donor Federation, Dr Kaddour Gherbi, welcomes the IFBDO President, Mar. Gianfranco Massaro, at the airport of Algeri.

During this official visit, he participated in several important meetings, together with local authorities, associations and volunteers.

The main events were: the meeting with the Minister of Health, the meeting with the Red Cross Directors, visits to hospitals and Blood Banks.

On the 25th, he participated in the 10th anniversary of the Algerian Foundation. On the occasion, there were many donors and local authorities and he gave to the Ministry of Health, Dr Boudiaf Abdelmalek, the International Award for Blood Donation.

On the 26th, he visited the TransfusionCentre of SHU Mustapha Alger and he had a good impression of it. In 2014, the blood units collected were 508.934 and during the first semester of 2015, they were 278.734. Blood rate is 13.66: 1000 inhabitants.

On the 27th, he participated in the national TV programme together with the Blood National General Director, the President of the Algerian Federation and the President of the African Continental Committee, in order to speak about blood donation situation in the world. In the same day, he also visited the Algerian federation offices.

His visit finished on the 28th. The welcome and the warmth demonstrated by the people he met left in President’s heart unforgettable memories.

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