From the 26th to the 31st of May, for the first time in IFBDO history, its President visited Nepal for an official visit. It was a very important moment for both the IFBDO and the Nepal’s Blood Donors, reach of important and very relevant events and topics.

For the IFBDO President it was Official Visit of the IFBDO to Nepalthe best way for realizing how Transfusion System and Blood Donation is organized and controlled in Nepal and which are the new improvements and programs that local associations will and are implementing.

Furthermore, they took this moment to reaffirm their close and significant collaboration.

Some of the most relevant moments were the audience with the President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Ram Baran Yadav, the Health Minister, representatives of the Red Cross, the Director of the Blood Bank and of Kathmandu’s Transfusion Center. With high interest President Massaro participated at the 1st National Convention on Voluntary Blood Donors, organized by the Nepal Voluntary Blood Donors’ Society, whose President, Mr. Prem Sagar Karmacharya, has donated blood 134 times. A very important moment for Nepalese Youth Donors was the launching of a new initiative the “Start 18 Stars Team”, whose main objective is to encourage blood donation among young students, motivating them to celebrate their 18th birthday by donating blood.

The Associations and all the Donors organizations are doing their best, but all the campaigns need close collaboration and coordination with volunteers, government and international organizations.

It is a new beginning for Nepalese Blood Donation, a new shared journey that is undoubtedly a good example for everyone.

Lorena Minotti

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