During his trip to Thailand, the President Gian Franco Massaro visited the local branch of the Red Cross that cooperates to the collection of blood.
After that, he went to the “National Blood Center”, a center founded in 1952 which takes care of the collection of blood, develops and supplies blood and components of blood to the 33 Hospitals within the whole Country.
Finally, he was invited to take part to the “UIA Associations Round Table Asia-Pacific”. For more than a hundred years, UIA has been working to promote and facilitate the efforts of the international associations.
This year the Round Table Asia-Pacific will take place on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd September in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
During his stay, President Massaro took part in several conversations with representatives of the sanitary structures and volunteering associations, particularly with Mr. Pradit Mungmart, who made himself available to realize an association of voluntary and non-remunerated blood donors.
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